Officially founded in 2015, The Mason District is an indie rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. The band consists of lead singer and guitar player Tom Tobias, bass player and singer Maria Petti, and drummer Collin Nutter.

the three met at a local open mic night & decided they wanted to create music together. spending a couple of years getting to know each other, they learned how to work together creatively, to develop their sound. - and have since been performing in the local Cleveland, Ohio music scene.

     In December of 2016, The band released their first EP / Album titled Shotgun Soul. This featured raw instrumental as well as vocals to produce a melodic sound that was necessary in the development of The Mason District sound.    

     Tom, Maria and Collin, now great friends, have come together to tell their story by bringing imagination to life and engaging audiences to take that journey with them. The Mason District is currently in studio working on new music for 2019. “After all is said and done, we really enjoy making good music and sharing it with our fans,” says The Mason District.